June 6, 2006


Board Conference call
June 6, 2006
2:30 ET


Present: Patty Wente , KWMU (President); Cleve Callison, WMUB (Vice-President); Christina Kuzmych, WFIU (Secretary); Dorie Vallillo, WIUM (Treasurer); Jon Schwartz, WPR (Board Member No. 2

I. Meeting began at 2:30 E.T.

II. Opportunity to reconnect with PRIMA members

Patty asked for Board members to reconnect with general PRIMA membership. In addition to NPR Realities, we need to consider “station realities.” Asked for commitments from Board members to call eight to ten people in our region. Encourage members to come to the Fall meeting. If we make calls, we should ask members about what topics they would like to cover during the Fall meeting. Also, find out what is happening at their stations. Find out what PRIMA can do to help them in managing their stations.

III. Fall Meeting

Fred DeMarco is available to come to the PRIMA Fall meeting. Wednesday September 6 th would be the evening for the Board dinner with Fred.

Topics of interest to stations include 1) new technology, 2) CSI, 3) maximizing revenue and efficiency, including major giving. Patty suggested a speaker from The Ostroff Group.

IV. CPB/PRRO meeting at New Realities

Jon represented PRIMA at the CPB dinner. Radio issues will funnel through Fred and/or Vinnie. The fate of CSI is still not sealed; many smaller stations feel that they have much to lose and are voicing this opinion.


Is there a role for PRIMA to play in this discussion? Discussion about CSI at the New Realities meeting was shared with the Board. One of the key people at the Realities conference dealing with the CSI issue was Steve Bass of Oregon Public Broadcasting. Should we have a conference call with Steve to find out where this initiative stands? Based on this conversation, we could involve PRIMA in a member meeting. Patty’s Business Manager provided information from the latest CPB presentation in Chicago : the CSI plan is still tentative. Patty will set up the call with Steve Bass.

VI. PRIMA Board Retreat

Patty proposed that the Board meet one day earlier during the Fall meeting, September 6. Cleve will arrange for rooms.

VII. Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m. ET .

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Kuzmych, Secretary


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