March 18, 2015

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 18, 2015

Called to Order: 2:30 PM

Board Members Present: Tim Eby, Regina Dean, Karen Olstad, Paul Maason, Mike Savage, Steve Schram. Vice Chair, Paul Maason chaired the meeting in Dan Skinner’s absence.

Guest: Greg Petrowich

  1. Update on 2015 PRIMA Conference—Logistics (Paul & Tim)
    • Bus to ballpark will depart at 5:45
    • St Louis Public Radio is providing space—2 blocks from hotel—meetings in community room w/ rounds of 8, lobby will have food & beverage
    • Tim suggests that presenters bring presentations on thumb drives
    • There will be Wi-Fi for attendees to use during conference
    • 25 rooms booked out of 33 in block. Residence Marriott will be overflow, they offer free shuttle.
    • Conference Registration as of today: 21 members and 5 presenters registered.
    • We will send one more reminder to PRIMA members before opening up to entire public radio system
  2. Discussion of draft PRIMA Conference –Agenda (Paul)
    • Regina reminds people that presenters need to register
    • We need moderators for sessions –board members can volunteer for particular sessions by sending an email to Paul, otherwise he will assign them.
  3. PRRO Update (Paul)
    • The PRRO group met by conference call. Paul participated in Dan’s stead.
    • They are looking at dates for Super Regional in San Antonio—possibly November 18 & 19
    • Have begun exploring locations for 2016 in Eastern region
    • Funds from 2014 Super Regional will be distributed to each regional organization — $5,000 to each.
    • Board members expressed interest in seeing a financial report on the actual results from the 2014 conference. Paul will request.
    • There was a discussion on the PRRO call about FCC proposal requiring personal information numbers for licensee board members including public media. Especially concerning for university licensees whose boards members are trustees of the university. PRRO will be supporting letter being drafted by Gray-Miller-Persch law firm. PRIMA board members expressed their support and authorized $500 payment to cover the costs of drafting the response.
  4. Get Well Gift for Dan– Paul
    • Dan’s assistant suggested that we send something to his home, Paul will get with Regina to facilitate the purchase from PRIMA funds.
  5. NPR Board Update (Mike/Greg)
  6. U:SA (Tom)

Adjourned at 3:40 PM.

Next meeting April 15 at 2:30 PM EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Olstad

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