March 17, 2021

MARCH 17, 2021

Myrna Johnson – excused absence
REGINA DEAN – absent


Super Regional conference

Schramm suggests a discussion of new NFFS parameters

Paul reports that PRRO met yesterday. Dates for the Super Regional Conference in Denver – November 15-17, 2021. 

NPR Board meeting is the 18th and 19th.

Nico reports that NPRs participation at the conferernce will be reduced because of the conflict of dates.

Discussions under way to resolve this conflict.  Looking to see if the Grand Hyatt can wiggle and change.

General managers training summit is part of the thinking this time. It will give the conference a slightly different tone. The basis will be:  what is useful for new and long time general managers, new general managers and potential future managers.   

A planning group – called the Event Design Collective is being used for the conference. A third party org that is working with the PRRO orgs for a chance to get input from across the system about what the conference should prioritize.  Looking for early input that is more general than specific panels.  They PRRO orgs are asking for a couple of people from each org to be involved in the discussions.  Take the feedback from those discussions and then create the conference agenda.  Need board volunteers for this.  You would be committing to one three hour sessions with this focus group-like gathering. 

Neenah Ellis volunteers Luke Dennis, WYSO general manager. 

Richard Miles volunteers.

Nico volunteers. 

Nico suggests John Clare, new GM at the classical station in St. Louis. 

Nico also suggests Tina Pamintuan from KALW in the Bay Area.

Nico suggests also talking to PMWL.  And someone involved in Public Media for All. All are thinking about future leadership in the system.   

Paul notes that the NPR Board election is coming up. 

Neenah leaves the meeting at this point – someone else takes up the notes at this point. 

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