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Virtual PRIMA Business Meeting

June 25, 2020

In accordance with the PRIMA Bylaws the Nominating Committee of the board presents the following slate of candidates for positions coming open for re-election. All candidates are incumbents.

SPRING 2020 Business Meeting: Elections

President: Paul Maassen – Eligible for election to second term
Vice President: Steve Schram – Eligible for election to second term
Board Member #1: Myrna Johnson – Eligible for election to second term
Board Member #2: Nico Leone – Eligible for election to second term

The elections will take place on June 25, 2020 3pm CT at the Virtual Annual PRIMA Business Meeting.

Also, according to the bylaws:

Section 2. Additional Officer Nominations:
The committee will receive additional nominations from the Membership that will be included on the final ballot providing such nominations shall be received no later than 15 calendar days before the Annual Meeting. Any member of the Association may submit a nomination for any office to the committee. To be valid the nominator and the person nominated must be designated representatives to the Association in good standing at the time the nomination is made. Nominations may be made by associate or full members, however, only those qualified to hold office can be nominated.

“See” you on June 25th for our business meeting.

Instructions for attending the virtual meeting will be distributed via the PRIMA Listserv.

Paul Maassen
PRIMA President

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