December 11, 2012

Board Conference Call
December 11, 2012 | 10:00AM CST

Call to Order 
President Christina Kuzmych called the meeting to order at 10:05AM CST on December 11, 2012. Present for the call were Christina Kuzmych, Dan Skinner, MG Herrington, Karen Olstad, Regina Dean, Cleve Callison, Paul Massen. Tom Hunt was absent.

Review of Super Regional
Christina asked for feedback on the Super Regional – comments included the following:

  • Group was split on value of one super regional annually vs. value of bi-annual with regionals in between;
    • One super regional allows for better planning and budgeting as well as accomplishing a lot in a few days (robust conference, AREPs meeting, seeing/networking with colleagues)
    • One super regional prohibits focus on regions, limits small group discussion that some leaders might find more valuable, allows for smaller forum to discuss challenges and opportunities
  • New Orleans was a good location however the particular venue did not lend itself to rooms for small group meetings – ie. no lobby area, no café on site although there was one across the street; session breaks seemed to be challenged with enough fresh coffee, water and supplies at times; some session rooms were not conducive to participation by audience either due to AV limitations or unable to view speakers/panel – may have contributed to lack of participation
  • Good feedback on structure of sessions and volume – CPB, NPR for both Development and Content
  • If super regional is the way to go, allow for more time for regions to meet – ie. late afternoon into evening or at least more than an hour

PRIMA calls with NPR staff and others

  • Group felt the following calls would be helpful:
    • Bob Kempf – follow up on technology issues/discussion
    • Mike Riksen – what now? what should leaders focus on – ie. spring advocacy talking points
    • Kit Jensen or Greg Petrowich – Q&A at the strategy/board level

Christina will reach out to these folks to coordinate/have them join us at a board meeting call. Christina will frame the conversation to keep it focused and productive and so that we can be prepared.

Upcoming Meetings –Second Tuesday of the Month @ 10:00AM CST
Tuesday, January 8
Tuesday, February 12
Tuesday, March 12

Respectfully submitted,
MG Herrington, secretary

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