February 15, 2017

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting
February 15, 2017

Called to Order: 2:38 Eastern Time

Present: Tim Eby, Neenah Ellis, Regina Dean, Paul Maassen, Mike Savage, Dan Skinner

2017 PRIMA Conference Planning

Dan reported that all of the non-NPR presenters have been confirmed. Since our last meeting Nicolas Quah, from HotPod has been added to the the session with John Barth and Sue Schardt. Dan is still working with Gemma Hooley to confirm NPR participants in the conference.

The board confirmed the conference registration rates and deadline for early registration. A registration form will be placed on the website. Forms will go to Regina with a check or for invoicing. No credit cards will be accepted for registration.

The board also approved offering two $1,000 scholarships and two $500 scholarships for the conference.

Dan is waiting for confirmation from Gemma about NPR commitments to come so he can promote the content of the conference. Meanwhile, he will update the website to indicate the availability of the scholarships and send email to the PRIMA listserv to promote the conference in general terms until more specifics are available.

The board discussed potential receptions and locations at the conference hotel. The board decided on an opening reception Monday evening at 6 pm; a “Happy Hour” on Tuesday at 6 pm, and a “PRIMA at the Bar” event later Tuesday evening after attendees have dinner on their own in the French Quarter. Paul will provide a list of things going on in the French Quarter.  He is working on potential special deals for people to go someplace. Paul will nail this down and get specific info so Dan can include in the conference promotion.

Regina asked if need a facilitator for the station compact session so it’s not a dog and pony show. Mike says NPR wants to engage and not just do a presentation. NPR will want to discuss in depth. Dan believes NPR values the discussion aspect and that they would prefer not to do a one-way presentation. Dan will work with Gemma on the flow of the topics. Regina wants to make sure there is a cohesion to the discussion.


Regina asked board members how they are reporting Underwriters salary on the CPB SAS report if their underwriting reps are commissioned. The consensus was to report base salary plus commission.

Meeting adjourned at 3:12 pm ET

Submitted by board secretary Neenah Ellis

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