December 16, 2015

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 16, 2015

Called to Order: 2:30 PM

Board Members Present: Tim Eby, Regina Dean, Christina Kuzmych, Paul Maassen, Mike Savage, Steve Schram, Dan Skinner

  1. PRIMA Spring Conference
    1. Dan Skinner reported that the survey of PRIMA Members resulted in a tie between Indianapolis and Kansas City for location preference.
    2. The board affirmed Indianapolis as the site of the next PRIMA Spring Conference
    3. Mike Savage will work with Paul Maassen to begin planning of the meeting logistics tentatively scheduled for May 11-13, 2016
    4. Once the date is firm, Dan Skinner will begin work on putting together the program for the conference and schedule presenters
  2. PRIMA Secretary Position
    1. Olstad stepped down from the secretary position
    2. With board approval, Paul Maassen is reaching out to an identified candidate to fill the the position until elections at the next PRIMA business meeting.
  3. NCE FCC Ownership Report Proposed Changes
    1. Steve Schram reported on status of proposed changes to NCE ownership requirements for FCC.
      1. Proposal is moving ahead within FCC and may appear on the January agenda.
      2. Objections to the proposed changes have been rejected by the FCC as attempts to avoid transparency.
      3. NPR Government Relations, Mike Riksen, is following the changes and will alert membership as it progresses.
      4. Steve Schram will sent a packet of information regarding the status of the proposed change to the PRIMA board for reference, which includes a letter for potential use by University Presidents who wish to address the issue.

Adjourned at 3:32 PM.

Next meeting January 20 at 2:30 PM EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Skinner
President (Acting as Secretary)

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