April 20, 2016

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2016

PRESENT:  Dan Skinner, Neenah Ellis, Christina Kuzmych, Mike Savage, Paul Maassen, Regina Dean, Steve Schram, Tim Eby

PRIMA Conference Planning Update:

Regina Dean that one person who had registered just indicated they would not be able to attend. Meanwhile, another person has registered, so the headcount remains the same.  There are  51 attendees signed up,  17 are presenters.  More comps this year.  The total is comparable to last year.

Paul Maassen provided a rundown of the PRIMA conference logistics

  • Wednesday reception at Colts Grill from 6-8:30 w fajita bar buffet. No speaker is scheduled as this is mean purely as a social event.
  • PRIMA suite open after that back at the hotel.
  • Thursday morning start @7:30. Bus from hotel to WFYI.  Bus  leaves 7:15, 7:30ish.  Maybe an additional run.   People can drive themselves.  There is non-gated parking at WFYI.  Paul will check on hotel parking.
  • Breakfast at WFYI. There is breakfast at the hotel for $15 if you can’t wait.
  • Lunch at WFYI.
  • Last conference session ends at 4:20. (Trying to work out a  WFYI tour)
  • Bus will leave hotel for Indy 500 Racetrack at 530.
  • 9:00 bus leaves for hotel.  PRIMA suite open.
  • 8:00am start Friday at WFYI. Bus leaves hotel at same early times.
  • Box lunch at WFYI. Finish conference between 12 and 1:00.
  • We’ll organize rides to the airport.

PowerPoint setup  available.  Checking on availability of laptop.   Guest internet wireless available.  Conference room is a multi-media equipped.

Everyone is serving as a moderator for at least one panel.  Dan asked that moderators reach out to the people on their panels and talk with them ahead of time.  Work with them about how much time they’ll need, whether they need PowerPoint etc.  Please remind them that we want ”less presentation and more conversation.”

Paul will check and see whether there is a computer available the presentations.

Paul will find out about how the PRIMA suite will be stocked.

Other items for discussion:

Several stations reported their fund drive results.  Some are up, some are down.

Respectfully submitted,
Neenah Elllis

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