July 15, 2020


JULY 15, 2020


Paul Maassen

Regina Dean

Neenah Ellis

Dan Skinner

Steve Schram

Myrna Johnson

Nico Leone

Richard Myles  – not in attendance

Treasurers report – no activity.  Audit completed. 990 filed in Tennessee.

Approx 34k in the treasury.

Review of annual meeting.  Slate of candidates passed. Nice discussion afterward.

Sharing of Covid-related news:

Myrna Johnson reports that her Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says some effort might be in place to get PPP money to University licensees. 

Reopening?  How are people reopening?

Most report that they are going in the other direction, closing down.  

Conversations starting to turn to how do we cope with this long-term and embracing remote work.  

Nico at KERA:  Another question is how to support staff with kids.  Maybe extending family leave., changing those family leave policies.  Thinking about these policies extended to the end of the year.

Steve Schram – everyone is coming in to work on the air, no one recording at home. 

Regina – on air staff say we don’t want everyone coming back.   They feel comfortable with the situation. 

Myrna – we share the building with another entity and that creates different issues. 

We are focused on keeping the folks in the studios safe. 

John Lansing:  We have an agreement that he will meet with the membership, just trying to agree on a date and time of day.  

Idea sharing around Super Regional Conference in 2021:

Nico: May be too soon to know what the issues will be.

Regina: Travel may be impossible for a lot of stations.

Myrna: There are so many conferences – maybe we have a strand of sessions at another conference. Let’s see what the system really needs later on. 

Steve:  Greater Public discussions around the same question.  Maybe PMDMC could absorb some of the topics and expand.  Greater Public now has an exhibition firm that negotiates their hotel deals many years ahead and gives them an advantage.

Joyce Mac, Executive Director and Andrew Leach, Direct of Business Development and Marketing, would the ones to contact .   Paul will reach out to her. 

Nico:  Agree that there are too many conferences.

New business:

Regina notes that our year begins in October.  We normally send out membership renewal letters in August and September.  Should we keep that timetable. 

We had a discussion about delaying the billing, or perhaps even waiving the fee. 

Nico:  I Perhaps  say we are not planning a conference –  and why not say NO DUES THIS YEAR.  

Moved by Nico to waive membership fees for 2021 and not have a conference.

Seconded by Steve Schram

Motion carries unanimously. 

No other new business.

Next meeting August 16, 2020, 2:30 pm

Submitted by Neenah Ellis, board secretary

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