February 12, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2013 | 10:00AM CST

Call to Order 
President Christina Kuzmych called the meeting to order at 10:05AM CST on February 12, 2013. Present for the call were Christina Kuzmych, Dan Skinner, MG Herrington, Karen Olstad, and Paul Massen. Cleve Callison, Regina Dean, and Tom Hunt were absent.

Update on Super Regional

  • Enough support to hold another

  • Hold in Washington, D.C. in conjunction w opening of NPR Headquarters

  • Hotel/venue locations under review by Georgette/ERPM – outskirts more likely given availability and pricing; light rail convenience important

  • Financial outcome pending final review; PRRO presidents review budget and request for increases from Georgette; review meeting next week in D.C.; expectation is a profit that will be split four ways

  • Considered a success in attendance and sponsorship; lower venue bills; less expensive fees for event planner

  • Karen: could NPR step up their support since ‘we’ are coming to D.C.? Christina: under consideration; Kit recognizes opportunity and ideas being discussed; No dates final – comparing to industry calendars/events; Karen noted there is a TV meeting on Oct 1-2-3; Karen offered Crystal City as option for location; NPR is not big enough to hold meeting for 180 people; may consider venue for meeting space and use multiple boutique hotels nearby; all ideas for now – nothing definite.

Update on the Fundraising Messages discussion

  • PRRO board thought topic was valid

  • Recommendation is that Christina contact T. Eby to discuss and determine how to elevate the conversation with national producers

  • All agreed it was an issue that needed to be addressed

  • NPR Board Governance Committee would be informed as well; Greg may have suggestions on approach

WWDTM in movie houses — any additional thoughts?

  • Could there be a better business plan? Station doesn’t get much – only tickets.

  • Could station get a cut?

  • Same as TAL. Challenge includes limited theatres matching the footprint of our members

  • How does value of tickets equate to value of UW scheduled required?

  • The point is this is not a win-win situation for all parties; station community is not at the table when the deal is being put together – is it possible?

  • Compliance with UW guidelines? (call to action, etc.)

  • Clarification on NPR’s role and organization of the effort and financial gain – again, is this a win-win for all?

  • Recommended action: Christina address the issue; Greg recommends PRRO meet with Gemma to get the facts and review next week in D.C.; then possibly bring up with NPR Membership & Governance; check on legality issue; consider getting feedback from Doug Eichten

CPB CSG Update provided by MG and Christina

  • Review panel met for last in-person meeting on Jan 31/Feb 1

  • Given delays in Congress, may meet one more time by phone to tidy up recommendations

  • Recommendations include

    • RASS – no changes

    • MASS – enhancements that reflect growth in minority populations given Census 2010

    • NFFS – glide path over three years to increase threshold to $300,000

      • Sole service stations are exempt

    • Collaboration Fund – agreed on concept incentive fund over three years to $3million; split vote on using CSG fund as the contributing fund (vs. the 6% fund or other CPB sources)

Guest Speaker – Greg Petrowich

  • A-REPs note on adjacency credits – any reactions? Greg provided clarification referring to Kinsey’s email dated 12/12/13 at 10:06am CST.

Respectfully submitted,
MG Herrington, secretary

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