August 16, 2017

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting
August 16, 2017


Called to Order: 2:40 pm Eastern Tim

Present: Regina Dean, Tim Eby, Steve Schram, Dan Skinner

Guest: Nico Leone

PRIMA Fly-In – August 25

The board discussed preparation for the PRIMA Fly-In on August 25th to discuss the NPR/Station Compact. The event will be held at St. Louis Public Radio. SLPR will provide documentation to PRIMA, which needs to be completed in order to utilize the space. Regina will handle work with a catering company to provide food for attendees. Three rooms out of the initial 25-room block are still available. The board was pleased with the overall response from members for the meeting. Dan will send out an email to PRIMA membership this afternoon regarding room availability and asking all members to fill out the survey regarding the NPR/Station Compact. Nico will provide a summary of the survey results for the attendees. Other logistic items were discussed.

Tim and Nico provided a report on their phone meeting with the facilitator for the event. Nico outlined the process that the facilitator will follow to generate member input.  Nico left the call after the discussion of the PRIMA Fly-In concluded.

Scholarships for PRIMA Business Meeting Conference

The board confirmed that scholarships will only be offered to conferences during which the PRIMA the annual business meeting will be held.

Board Vacancy

The board discussed filling the vacancy left by the resignation of Mike Savage. The board members present on the phone call agreed on a person to fill the vacancy until the next election as per the bylaws. Dan will follow up with the board members not on the phone call to see if they agree or if they have another person to recommend. If board is in agreement, Dan will reach out to the individual an offer them the opportunity to fill the vacancy.

The meeting adjourned at 3:08 pm

Respectfully submitted by

Dan Skinner, President, acting as Secretary


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