May 3, 2011


Board Conference Call

May 3, 2011  

2:30 Eastern Time


Present:Al Bartholet, Christina Kuzmych, Tom Hunt, Dan Skinner, Dorie               Vallillo, Bill Wheelhouse, Paul Masson

Discussion of Plans for Cinci October Meeting:

Dan reported that it looks like the best deal will be the Westin, and is leaning towards them.

Probable Invites:

Joyce Macdonald
Danna David Rehm
Mike Riksen
Bruce Theriault   or a rep from CPB
Doug Eichten
Jon McTaggart
Dave Edwards
Ibiquity rep  (Kista Lee)  Update on HD radio
Mike Starling, Digital Radio discussion

We will have a “Ask The Attorney” session
HD Radio, What’s the future
Looking for a key Note Speaker   (looking from some drawing power)

General Discussion

Finding a Treasurer:  We’ll put out a communication to the PRIMA seeking an interested Treasurer, or go to plan B which is to contact DEI.

Congrats to Christina as she accepts her new post in Wyoming, at Wyoming Public Media  

Respectfully submitted by Al Bartholet, PRIMA Secretary

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