JANUARY 31, 2023

JANUARY 31, 2023

In attendance:  

President PAUL Maassen – WWNO
Secretary NEENAH  Ellis – WYSO
Treasurer REGINA   Dean – WUOT
DAN Skinner – Kansas Public Radio
STEVEN Williams – WMUK

Well wishes to Regina Dean on her retirement from Public Radio this May.

Discussion about PRRO meeting in September

Secretary’s notes begin at at 2:44

Will we have a fly-in in the spring – no proposed date, we’re looking at May.

This would double as the yearly membership meeting. Tentatively in Kansas city.  

Try to work around NPR meeting 3,4,5 of May.   Perhaps try for the second week of May.  

Nico explains the NPR budget issue in relation to hiring freezes:  they are working to address the budget shortly.  We’ll learn more soon. The turn was pretty sharp and quick –  in about a three month period, things dropped off.  Sept-November there was a cliff.  

Nico leaving the board.  Dan leaving the board. Regina is retiring, Neenah as well.  

Myrna and Steven staying on.  Asking for nominations.  

Need treasurer and Secretary of the board.  

Steven says maybe we can amend the by-laws to eliminate term limits and keep some people on the board. 

Dan Mentions Greg Petrowich –  from WFYI in Indianapolis, who’s over radio and TV there.   Nico has ideas:  RC McBride and sends more names in an email to Paul.

Super Regional being discussed for September with NPR.  

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