February 5, 2008


Board Conference call
February 5, 2008
2:30 ET

Present: Cleve Callison, WMUB (President); Patty Wente,  KWMU (Past President); Christina Kuzmych, WFIU (Vice President), Dan Skinner, Texas Public Radio, (Secretary); Dorie Vallillo, WIUM (Treasurer), Jon Schwartz, Wyoming Public Radio, (Board Member No. 2), Bill Wheelhouse, WUIS, (Board Member No. 3)

I. Meeting began at 2:30 E.T.

II. Winter conference (Christina)
Christina updated the board on the latest planning for the conference. More speakers have been added to the line-up. Discuss addition of time for PRIMA discussion with NPR. Dan has updated the website’s tentative agenda with the current information. Christina to finalize schedule. Cleve indicated need to continue to provide information about the upcoming conference to PRIMA membership.

III. PRRO questions for CPB re: Rescission (Cleve)
Regional organization presidents to be on conference call with CPB re: rescissions this afternoon. Group will question how CPB is handling the budget cut. Why weren’t CPB stations consulted? Etc.

IV. Items for NPR Board meeting (Cleve)
Cleve requested input on what board would like him to address at the upcoming NPR Board Meeting. Patty requested that Cleve express gratitude to Jay Kernis for his service to NPR during public comment time.

V. Response to latest rescission bombshell (Cleve)
President’s proposed budget calls for major cuts for public broadcasting. Cleve will talk with Mike Ricksen regarding NPR’s plans for lobbying efforts by NPR and membership.

VI. Request from KOSU to have dues waived (Dorie)
Station dues are only $200. What is the extent of their financial plight? Is there something that PRIMA can do to help? Cleve will contact the station manager to gain a clearer understanding of the situation.

VII. Meeting adjourned at 3:08 p.m. E.T.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Skinner, Secretary


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