November 17, 2009

Minutes of the PRIMA Board Teleconference
November 17, 2009
2:30 ET

In attendance: Christina Kuzmych, Cleve Callison, Dorie Vallillo, Al Bartholet, Tom Hunt, Dan Skinner, Bill Wheelhouse, Jon Schwartz

The PRIMA Board met by teleconference, welcoming new member Tom Hunt. The following items were discussed:

I. Winter Conference Planning Discussion

A. Dates under consideration include January 27-29; February 3-5; February 10-12.

B. Also discussed: Speakers to invite. Ron Schiller in particular was highlighted, the new NPR SVP for Development. Other topics besides Fundraising, include new media, diversity, community engagement were raised.

II. NPR Board and related Updates from Christina

A. Rich Eisworth decided to withdraw from NPR Board seating after the Board election due to station priorities and demands. Greg Petrowich, WSIU Carbondale, is replacing him. Greg was the next highest vote recipient in the election.

B. Discussion followed about our desire for Dave Edwards and Greg to attend PRIMA Conferences, as NPR Board members. Will contact Joyce about NPR Board support for NPR Board members to attend regional meetings.

C. Sound Exchange rights issues were under discussion with Mike Riksen, PRRO, SRG, and others for furthering the issues regarding music scheduling. Classical, AAA, jazz, all inclusive but with Classical as the first conflict to bring to Sound Exchange and Patrick Leahy in Congress: little can be done about reporting. But the restrictions about musical selections, such as allowing streaming of an entire symphony will be raised.

D. Vivian met with PRRO members and urged greater sharing of stations’ new media content in the system, raising its profile for public radio.

E. Program Pricing – Joyce Mac says NPR will stay with Listener Hour model for 2011.

F. Dan and Jon reported on the EPM and WSPR regional meetings.

III. Chicago Conference Follow-up

A. A member survey suggested at the conference will be developed.

B. Documents and summary of the Chicago meeting from the facilitator will be distributed soon for review.

IV. Next PRIMA Board meeting will be Tuesday December1, 2:30 ET

Adjourned at 3:40 pm ET

Jon Schwartz
PRIMA Secretary

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