June 20, 2006


Board Conference call
June 20, 2006
3:00 ET


Present: Patty Wente , KWMU (President); Cleve Callison, WMUB (Vice-President); Christina Kuzmych, WFIU (Secretary); Dorie Vallillo, WIUM (Treasurer); Jon Schwartz, WPR (Board Member No. 2; Dan Skinner, WBAA (Board Member No. 1); Tim Eby, WOSU, (Past President) 

I. Meeting began at 3:00 E.T.

II. PRRO Group Report

Patty reported about the PRRO meeting. Regionals were invited to discuss future plans about Capitol Hill Day with NPR. Combined all-day national meeting plus a one-half day of congressional updating, followed by Capitol Hill Day was suggested. Another issue dealt with CPB coordinating a system meeting in the fall. The PRRO group felt that fall would not be a good time for yet another meeting. Fund drives are underway, and most station budgets have been created.

III. Fall Meeting

Patty asked if members have started their calling of members, and reinforced importance of making these calls. Board members asked to get calls done by July 4. The hotel details have been finalized. A visit to Dale Outz’ new pub was suggested. Topics for the PRIMA meeting could include CSI, fundraising, implications of the 2010 study on our operations. For the Board retreat: technology update, motivating staff, assessing the role of Regionals and particularly PRIMA. Member station relationship with NPR should be discussed. The idea of having a facilitator was considered. The facilitator could also be a presenter at the meeting.

IV. Board Nominations and Procedures

We will follow the procedures outlined in the various e-mails that were generated by the Board in the last several weeks. Patty Cahill’s plan will be implemented. Bill McGinley’s position needs to be filled. Jon Schwartz’s position needs to be elected. Patty needs to appoint someone to chair the nominating committee. In the NPR Board elections, Primate Dave Edwards is running for office.


This issue remains at the forefront of discussions. Greg Schnirring indicated that in July, a panel will be assembled to review CSG/CSI.

VI. PRIMA Retirements

Joe Gwathmey should be recognized. He is retiring from Texas Public Radio.

VII. NPR Update

Barbara Hall is leaving NPR. The Rob Patterson reports should be going to the system at end of this month.

VIII. Setting up next meeting

PRIMA meeting July 18 at 3 ET.

IX. Meeting adjourned at 3:50 p.m. ET .

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Kuzmych, Secretary


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