October 6, 2009

Minutes of the PRIMA Board Teleconference
October 6, 2009
1:30 CDT

Present: Al Bartholet, Cleve Callison, Christina Kuzmych, Jon Schwartz, Dorie Valllillo

1. The Board discussed the upcoming PRIMA Member Survey. Members added the Chicago Conference debrief and questions about the upcoming Winter PRIMA Conference to questions.

2. Should PRIMA get involved in the internet streaming rights issue regarding both Reporting Requirements and Classical Music sequential tracks in extended works. Christina will follow-up with the PRRO group on possible action on the controversy.

3. Members discussed locations for the Winter and the Fall upcoming locations. New Orleans is tentatively the site for Winter. Nashville and Cincinnati are under consideration for next Fall.

4. Discussion next revolved around assessing how various facets of the Chicago conference worked.

– Concern was raised about the physical room layout and its impact on the quality of interaction during sessions.

– Also discussed was the distinction between the San Antonio meeting organized as a Leadership Strategic Leadership Summit with short statements of priorities by the national leaders followed by extensive give and take by all…and the Chicago meeting which was more traditionally organized with a speaker putting on a lengthy presentation followed by Q&A.

– Thirdly, San Antonio provided more meals at which some speakers were able to make brief presentations, which provided space for the primary sessions to be devoted to the Leadership Summit content.

– Lastly, San Antonio featured a keynote speaker (former HUD Cabinet Secretary Henry Cisneros).

– Brainstorming for sessions for next conference was the last item.

5. Christina will be attending the upcoming NPR Board meeting. As a result, she is unable to attend the EPM October Regional Conference on behalf of PRIMA and will contact Dan about his availability to attend as PRIMA Vice President. Jon is a member of WSPR and will attend that conference in November.

Jon Schwartz
PRIMA Secretary

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