May 30, 2023

May 30, 2023

In attendance:  

President PAUL Maassen – WWNO +
Secretary NEENAH  Ellis – WYSO +
Treasurer REGINA   Dean – WUOT +
DAN Skinner – Kansas Public Radio  +
NICO Leone – KERA  no
STEVEN Williams – WMUK – no


The update about nominations is this: Paul talked to Anthony Hunt and Luke Dennis, and both are interested in being involved on the board.  Has five other people he is reaching out to.

We are trying to fill four positions, including President.  

The President goes to the in-person board meetings and it’s a good thing.  Be there, be seen, etc.  At the board meetings, there’s not a lot of outside feedback from outside the bubble.  Now the meetings are on Zoom.  

The committee meetings are on Zoom the week before. 

All the names forwarded to Paul:

Hunt, Dennis, Sarah Morris, Rachel Hubbard, RC McBride, Bill Anderson,  Greg Petrovich. 

Regina has retired as of May 5 but is continuing to work on the audit. 

Both Dan and Neenah are retiring as of June 30 but will try to stay on as needed for the election and transition.

Regina Dean reports:

As of today, there are 25 paid members.  We should be closer to 50. 

She is going to go back and revisit the rolls and see if there are any who need to be re-sent invoices. She will send the updated membership list to Dan.  We are not the size we used to be but we haven’t had a lot of activity either. 

Financially in good shape.  $4k in the bank.  

This group of four is acting as the nominations committee. The group gives Paul the authority to pursue Steven as President and choose other candidates. 

The super regional will be at NPR – it’s a “Leadership Summit – October 17-18. 

Minutes submitted by Nenah Ellis, PRIMA Secretary

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