July 19, 2022

July 19 2022

Meeting convenes at 2:30 pm

In attendance: 
Paul Maassen
Neenah Ellis
Dan Skinner
Regina Dean  
Steve Schramm 
Stephen Williams 
Nico Leone – Excused
Myrna Johnson  – Excused


Steve Schramm announces his retirement from Michigan Radio effective December first or until is replacement is chosen.

Paul talked to Gemma Hooley about facilitating conversations about the NPR Network proposals.  We discussed having a fly-in type event in the fall that PRIMA could help finance (at the suggestion of the treasurer) perhaps in Kansas City.  

Regina suggests there might be other PRIMA stations that could host and would be in driving distance.

Nothing has been confirmed with KC, though a discussion has been held.

Neenah recommends Columbus, Ohio.  Paul will discuss with Ronnie Agnew, the new GM.  

Discussion about a good date in October or November.  September is deemed too early. November 3rd  is agreeable with everyone.  That date could be discussed with the host stations. 

A virtual meeting could be held to tee up the gathering and get feedback and suggestions, perhaps in August.  It would be a meeting around 5pm.  Tentatively set for Thursday August 18 at five pm ET, 4 pm CDT.

Schramm has difficulty with NPR’s  STRIPE payment platform.  The University won’t allow them to use something other than what they have contracted. Paul says NPR doesn’t have a good answer to that problem  and there may be a lack of understanding of how the University relationships work.  Regina agrees that there is a lack of understanding of how the system actually operates for University-based stations and believes this is not a good omen. 

Neenah suggests more communication between university representatives and NPR in general.  The Stripe issue is symptomatic of a larger problem. 

Paul knows it to be an ongoing issue with other regional organizations. 

Stephen suggests working with the University-Station Alliance.  Virginia Dambach is the president.

Paul will reach out to her. 

New business:   

Regina notes we are finishing the audit for the year.  

Dan Skinner says the board can appoint someone to fill a vacancy. We’ll need to appoint someone to fill Steve Schramm’s position. 

Some housekeeping questions from Dan Skinner to Regina  regarding credit cards usage.  

Dan has documents from the early days of PRIMA and wants to send them to Paul.  Regina has documents as well.  Paul agrees to accept those boxes of documents. 

Dan thinks it’s worth keeping the documents because they speak to the history of the organization.  The website has been taken care of by Dan and when he leaves the board, someone needs to take that over. It’s a wordpress site. Paul can take that over. 

Neenah volunteers to get some advice about digitizing the PRIMA minutes once she hears from Paul about the general nature of the contents.  

Meeting adjourns at 3:31 pm.

Neenah Ellis, PRIMA Secretary

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