Spring 2019: St. Louis

Public Radio in Mid America (PRIMA)
Membership Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes April  15, 2019     

Call to Order and Determination of Quorum

Approval of Minutes from 2018 Annual Meeting
Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting held on May 11, 2018 at the PRIMA meeting in Chicago were made available via website and hard copies were distributed at the meeting. A motion to approve the minutes was made and seconded. The minutes were approved.

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasure’s report was presented and accepted.

President’s Report
Paul Maassen thanked the board for their work on putting together the PRIMA Conference and acknowledged the productive collaboration with NPR to present this conference together in order to provide a more in depth conversation about the Station Compact.

Board Elections
Nominations Committee Chair, Paul Maassen presented slate of officers by the committee.

Treasurer – Regina Dean
Secretary – Neenah Ellis
Board Member #1 –Myrna Johnson
Board Member #3 – Richard Miles, Mike Savage

There were no additional nominations from the floor.

It was moved and seconded that we accept the slate by acclamation.

There was a vote with ballots circulated to attendees for Board Position # 3
Ballots were collected and counted by Vice President Steve Schram.  Richard Miles was elected to the position by a majority of the votes counted.

New Business

Guest Speaker

Meeting Adjourned

Submitted by Paul Maassen, acting on behalf of Neenah Ellis, PRIMA Board Secretary
April 15, 2019

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