November 15, 2021

November 15,  2021

Meeting convenes at 2:38 pm ET

In attendance: 
PAUL MAASSEN – present
NEENAH ELLIS – present
REGINA DEAN –  present
NICO LEONE- present  (NPR board member)
DAN SKINNER   – present
STEVE SCHRAMM  – unable to attend
MYRNA JOHNSON – present  (NPR board member)

President’s report

  • Super regional has been rescheduled for April 11-12 in Denver – same hotel. More info to come shortly from PRRO call later today.  DEI likely to be a central topic again. 
  • PRRO leadership is having a monthly regular discussions with LaFontaine Oliver, off-the-record conversations that have so far been good and productive.
  • NPR board meeting is this Friday. Paul attended committee meetings last week.
  • Shramm was unable to come up with a list of candidates to fill our board vacancy.  If we want to do a meeting before the end of the year, we have to move fast, we need to have 30 days notice.

Treasurer’s report

  • 32 payments for membership have come in. That represents 30% of expected income. 
  • Former board member and St. Louis manager Tim Eby wants an associate membership – invoice going out. 
  • Invoices going out with the help of the book keeper.  Updating the website as well.

Board member  updates:

Neenah says the Public Media for All was productive and positive and will provide a link of a recording of the event to everyone via email.

Dan Skinner mentions that Cleve Callison (former WMUB manager) sent him documents about the early history of PRIMA and they are stored now in 2 boxes in his garage.  Dan would like to have someone take possession of the boxes before he leaves the board. (Dan is immediate past president of PRIMA and will roll off the board after the next PRIMA president is elected.)  Regina has boxes of info from a previous treasurer.  How do we preserve the early history of the organization?  How about we hire someone to digitize it?  Dan will make arrangements with Paul regarding the disposition of the boxes.

Meeting adjourns at 3:13 pm ET

Submitted by Neenah Ellis, board secretary.

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