July 6, 2010


PRIMA Board Conference Call
July 6, 2010 2:30 p.m. EDT

Attending: Christina, Dan, Tom, Bill, Jon present

I. Nominating Committee for Board so far:

Dan Skinner, Chair
Tom Hunt
Tim Singleton
Dan Wood

Christina will check on the status of Board Member #3

II. NPR/Knight Foundation Adjacency to PRIMA Conference

Details are sketchy about the nature of the conference. Christina will touch bases with Paul at WSPR and with NPR to see if we can get definitive details on their agenda and other details. Discussion suggested prioritizing the PRIMA schedule but trying to maximize the Knight meeting’s ability to increase our attendance.

Will determine opening of the PRIMA Conference registration soon.

Hotel registration is open now by asking for the PRIMA Conference.

III. Next Meeting first Tuesday in August

Respectfully submitted,
Jon Schwartz, PRIMA Secretary

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