April 21, 2021

April 21, 2021

Meeting convenes at 2:30 pm

In attendance: 

Paul Maassen
Nico Leone
Neenah Ellis
Dan Skinner
Regina Dean
Richard Miles
Steve Schram – Excused
Myrna Johnson – Excused


Super Regional conference

1. Paul reports that Myrna is having a hard time attending these meetings because of the time of day.  He will check with Myrna and see if we can find a time that works better for everyone. He will send around time choices. 

2. Super Regional Conference is moving ahead, despite conflict with NPR board meeting. A preliminary feedback session and ideas about the agenda was held. 

The sessions themselves need to be determined. PRRO will put together an advisory group to discuss specific sessions.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS, let Paul know.  He believes that the more people involved, the better.

There will be meetings to discuss topics and this select group from regional orgs will help to sculpt the topics, speakers, etc.  Time commitment unknown at this moment. It will start in May.   Zoom meetings will be held.   Paul will participate. 

Nico might be available.  Neenah will try to do it. 

CPB will provide money for scholarships for the conference.  

Trying to keep the registration fee as low as possible.  

Second person half price deal is available. 

There is no keynote speaker as of yet. Think about that.  

Neenah suggests someone to talk about the importance of diversity in public radio. Someone from outside public radio.  

Paul notes that Patricia Cervini taking over from Georgette Bronfman at Eastern Public Radio. 

Paul asks for feedback about adding a virtual element to the conference.  The costs and logistics are probably prohibitive.  We have talked about doing the keynote or something else as virtual.

Regina – no need to provide it in real time. 

Paul agrees that might be a better approach.  

Richard Miles took part in day one of super regional planning session. He said it was slow. 

Paul notes that there was not a lot of new thinking that came out the first day. 

More meetings are forthcoming. 

Paul will notify us when the May meetings are announced.  

3 Floor open for discussion and consideration of other topics:

None .  

In summary:

Paul will send out a report from the Super Regional event organizers.  

Paul will notify us as to the May content meetings

And finally, he will try to move our regular meeting after conferring with Myrna.

Regina Dean  -will try to get membership invoices out to get money flowing through the treasury.

Paul notes that we need to hold an annual business meeting.  We separated our annual meeting from the Super Regional.  Last year we had a virtual business meeting.  In the past we have offered scholarships to our meetings, but not to the super regional meeting.  Regina notes that we can consider doing that if we like. 

Paul: this is a reboot for the super regional and we should get behind it.  It could be important and useful. The other regional orgs will do the same.   We should consider these scholarships.  

Dan Skinner explains the scholarship process:  We’ve sent out an email and asked people to apply online.  We had a subcommittee decide.

Adjourned at 3:10 pm ET

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