June 10, 2008


Board Conference Call
June 10th, 2008
2:30 ET

Present: Cleve Callison, WMUB (President); Christina Kuzmych, WFIU (Vice President) Dan Skinner, Texas Public Radio, (Secretary); Dorie Vallillo, WIUM (Treasurer)

I. Meeting began at 2:39 E.T.

II. Fall PRIMA Conference Planning
Chicago meeting planning is still in progress. Having trouble finding rooms at desired location near WBEZ for planned date of 9/10-9/12 due to convention business in Chicago. Will investigate moving date of conference to see if that will work better for room availability. If moving the date doesn’t work, relocating to another city will be considered. Will continue to work with NPR regarding the conference.

III. Nominating Committee
Cleve will appoint a Nominating Committee to select candidates for offices to be filled. Cleve will also send information about elections to the full board.
Votes at Fall PRIMA conference will include:

  1. Vote for a full two-year term for Vice President
  2. Vote for a full two-year term for Treasurer
  3. Vote to fill the last year of the Secretary’s term
  4. Vote to fill the last year of term of Board position #3
  5. Vote to fill the last year of term of Board position #1
  6. Vote for a full two-year term for Board position #2

IV. Possible Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters (MAPB) & PRIMA Training Collaboration
PRIMA has limited resources for bringing in trainers. Partnerships with other organizations to accomplish our goal to have training at our Fall meeting would be welcome. Cleve will invite Art Timko to join our next conference call to discuss possibilities. Christina will explore with WBEZ, using local resources in Chicago for training at Fall Conference.

V. Winter 2009 Conference
Planning is on-going for Winter Conference in San Antonio on Jan 28 through 30 or Feb 4 through 6.

VI. Meeting adjourned at 3:08 p.m. E.T.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Skinner, Secretary


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