May 20, 2020

PRIMA Board Meeting

May 20, 2020

Called to order at 2:36 pm ET

Secretary’s minutes

In attendance: 

Paul Maassen
Neenah Ellis
Steve Schram
Regina Dean
Nico Leone
Richard Miles
Myrna Johnson  absent
Dan Skinner

Check in to see how everyone is operating their stations

Nico – pretty locked down at the station. 10% working at the station.

Regina – lots of politics in TN. UT in a three phase reopening.   Everyone at the station working from home except for on-air and maybe admins come in once or twice a week.  We’re going day by

Richard Myles – phase three toward re-opening statewide.  Planning for Purdue opening in the fall. No one on campus through July.   We’re going in and out at the station.  Masks on campus.   

Dan Skinner – most of campus closed down. The only staff going in are ME and ATC hosts.  State rolling out modified phase 2 order, some openings. 

1. Board elections:

The annual PRIMA Business meeting was scheduled for May 26.  Nominations need to be put forward 30 days in advance so we’ve missed the deadline and we’ll reschecule the eletion to be held in June. 

Richard Myles chaired the nominations committee.  Slate of candidates for positions up for election:

All encumbents for a two year term. 

Paul Maassen – president

Steve Schramm – vice president

Myrna Johnson board member number one

Nico Leone  board member number two

No discussion

All board members in favor of moving meeting to June25.  It will be a virtual meeting .

Paul will present the slate of candidates to the membership and notify them about the June meeting. 

2. Update on super regional:

Negotiations are under way to not hold it the super regional meeting in  2020.  Not public information yet. 

3.  PRIMA Virtual Happy Hour was held.  VP Schram set up the Zoom meeting.  Everyone agrees it was a success.

Consensus is to do another one on the 28th of May  5pmET.

4.  Treasurers report:

Treasurer Regina Dean says: We haven’t spent much money this year.  Waiting now to receive the audit , will send it to the board and have it by the June meeting. 

New business/announcements:

Steve Schram  says there was one day fund drive for Michigan Radio  yesterday.  They forecast an operating deficit for the first time ever.  From Thursday through Tuesday they raised 452K  .  First time they did a one day drive. “ Because we had a real issue – never had a deficit – we had outstanding response.”  More than 3k individual gifts.  2800 were non-sustainers.  We had gifts from 35 states.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:30 ET.

Submitted by Neenah Ellis, board secretary.

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