October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012
1:36 p.m., ET

Participating by phone: Cleve Callison, Regina Dean, Christina Kuzmych, Paul Maassen, Dan Skinner, Bill Wheelhouse

Super Regional – Paul described special event with Cars at Istanbul Café in the Treme and cast from the show Treme. Plans for the traditional PRIMA suite were also discussed. The board endorsed the idea of opening the PRIMA suite to all attendees and holding it at the nearby Café Adelaide on Wednesday from 8 to midnight. General discussion of the Super Regional Conference followed, including concerns about attendees booking flights that might preclude them attending the AREPS Meeting. It was suggested that the PRIMA membership be surveyed after the Super Regional to gauge their response and find out if they want to do it next year, every other year, etc.

PRIMA Scholarships for the Super Regional Conference – No Applications have been received yet. The deadline of applications is 10/12. Christina will continue to promote the scholarships.

NPR Digital Services – Regina Dean requested that the funding plan for NPR Digital Services be discussed at the Super Regional Conference during the PRIMA business meeting.

Future Program Development – The board discussed the need for on-going program development. Will be added as an agenda item for the PRIMA business meeting.

CPB Chair – The board endorsed having Patty Cahill attend the PRIMA business meeting and also to invite her to a PRIMA board dinner on Monday evening.

CPB/CSG Criteria – Watch for draft criteria from Bruce Theriault and be sure to make comments so that your input can be taken under consideration before it becomes policy.

Next PRIMA Conference call will be 11/6 at 1:30 p.m

Adjourned at 2:33 p.m. ET

Respectfully Submitted by
Dan Skinner, for Al Bartholet, PRIMA Secretary

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