Fall 2007: St. Paul

Fall 2007 Conference
September 25, 2007

The St. Paul Hotel
St Paul, Minnesota

President Patty Wente called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.

Christina Kuzmych provided the highlights of the report. The report is on the PRIMA website at PRIMA.org.
Motion to approve the Minutes made by Dorie Vallilo.
Seconded by Craig Beeby
Approved unanimously.

PRIMA Treasurer Dorie Vallilo reported
Balance in checking account 2/28/07     $12,167.53
Income                                                 $24,294.42
Expenses                                              $13,035.87
Balance in checking account 9/25/07     $23,426.08
Comment by Cleve: The dues increase was the first dues increase in over 30 years.  It helped shore up the operating budget.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by Anthony Hunt.
Seconded by Al Bartholet.
Approved unanimously.

It’s been a great run as President of PRIMA. The organization achieved a lot, and stood proud.”   PRIMA has represented the values of stations and particularly those in the mid-west.  The traditional PRIMA “rebelliousness” is still there, tempered with reason and experience. PRIMA has always been an organization that supported good national ideas and progress, but also scrutinized new ideas with an eye towards “the good of the system.”  During Patty’s presidency, PRIMA had the opportunity to fully vet various issues concerning public radio, and had the opportunity to think and react.  Patty is looking forward to working with PRIMA to continue representing stations in the mid-west, and in the system.

The slate as created by the nominating committee was presented in ballot form.  It was collected and tabulated.  Patty Cahill, Chair of the nominating committee supervised.  The positions voted on were President, Secretary, Board Member No. 3.The following PRIMA members were elected into these positions.
President: Cleve Callison (previously Vice-President)
Secretary: Christina Kuzmych
Tie for board No. 3:  Dan Skinner/Bill Wheelhouse
PRIMA Board agreed to meet immediately after the Business Meeting to resolve the tie and appoint an individual into the Vice-Presidential position created through the election of Cleve Callison as President.  The resulting decision:
President: Cleve Callison
Vice-President: Christina Kuzmych
Secretary: Dan Skinner
Board Member No. 3: Bill Wheelhouse

Presentation of Service Award to Patty Wente
Cleve Callison presented PRIMA Presidential Service Award to Patty Wente.
Patty responded:  Sees us more than just family members.  We’re going through an evolution not only in our own lives but in the life of PRIMA.  It’s great to share experiences. Many people served as inspiration including Dale Outz in Springfield Ill., Patty Cahill at Wichita, and Dorie Vallilo.Dorie Vallilo said that when she lost her daughter, Patty Wente drove up from St Louis to be her during a trying time.  “this is the stuff Patty is made of.” Patty Wente: “As you go forward, look for new blood, but don’t let go of your Patty Cahills and Dorie Vallilo’s. Good luck.  Thank you for the honor of serving you.”

Hosting of PRIMA at St Paul
Thank you to Eric Nycklemoe and the entire APM crew for hosting PRIMA.  The meeting was extremely well organized.  Hotel arrangements easy.

One of the morning’s meetings consisted of a moderated discussion and distillation of the previous day’s NPR Board Consultation discussion.
Resolution presented by Eric Nycklemoe:
PRIMA resolves that the written response from this morning’s review represents PRIMA’s formal response to the Board consultations.  This will be presented to the NPR Board at the next meeting.
Patty Cahill moved that the Resolution be approved by acclamation.
Seconded by Jon Schwartz.
Cleve Callison ruled that under Robert’s Rules of Order a motion to approve by acclamation is non-debatable and must be approved by 2/3 vote of the Membership.  Membership unanimously approved voting by acclamation.  The motion having passed, the resolution was voted upon and approved by a voice vote.

Motion to adjourn made by Cleve Callison.Cleve recommended adjourns
Seconded by Phil Corriveau.
Meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Christina Kuzmych
PRIMA Secretary
October 1, 2007

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