December 4, 2007


Board Conference call
December 4, 2007
2:30 p.m. Eastern Time


Present: Cleve Callison, WMUB (President); Patty Wente, KWMU (Past President);
Christina Kuzmych, WFIU (Vice President) Dan Skinner, Texas Public Radio,
(Secretary); Dorie Vallillo, WIUM (Treasurer), Al Bartholet, WKSU (Board Member No.
1), Jon Schwartz, Wyoming Public Radio, (Board Member No. 2)

I. Meeting began at 2:32 E.T.

II. Thoughts on Capitol Hill Day (Cleve)

AREPS split off from Capitol Hill Day due to requests for location other than D.C.
Capitol Hill day instead will be more of a Capitol Hill Week or Month. Those present on
the conference call felt that this plan will result in low participation in the Capitol Hill

III. Winter 08 Conference (Christina)

Cleve is waiting for NPR to finalize AREPS meeting dates in March before sharing
information with the PRIMA membership. Current PRIMA plan is to hold a meeting
immediately following as outlined in Christina’s previous e-mail to board members. –
Patty Wente reported on Torey Malatia and Ira Glass’s availability for participation in the PRIMA conference, lunch, reception, etc. Christina to follow up with Torrey. – Group discussed content for PRIMA meeting such as training, legal update, technology, etc. – Patty raised issue of NPR Development plans for a capital campaign to build a new facility. PRIMA needs to be briefed NPR’s plans and for PRIMA to provide reaction to NPR. Cleve agreed that PRIMA should respond to NPR’s plans. – Dorie suggested using the PRIMA Suite as the location for PRIMA members to respond to AREPS sessions – Cleve and Christina will present a couple of different options for PRIMA Agenda to the
board for review.

IV. Possible web interconnect on Governance (Cleve)

Cleve suggested establishing a quarterly web interconnect with major players in the
public radio community. This will create opportunities to engage in informative dialog
for PRIMA membership. Interconnects will perhaps be 30-60 minutes each.

V. Meeting adjourned at 3:02 p.m. E.T.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Skinner, Secretary


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