February 19, 2020

PRIMA Board Meeting 

February 19, 2020

Called to Order at 2:00 pm ET

Paul Maassen (in DC at the NPR Board meeting)

Regina Dean

Richard Miles – leaves at 1:34

Neenah Ellis

Myrna Johnson

Dan Skinner

Nico Leone – not present, notified

Steve Schramm – not present


  1. Minutes of the January meeting
  • PRIMA spring conference discussion

John Lansing and Tom Hjelm have confirmed for the conference with some schedule adjustments. 

Checking to see if Lansing would be available Monday night for a dinner if we want to schedule it. 

We typically get 20-30 participants


  • We could have drinks instead of a formal dinner at the hotel or a few places near the hotel – 
  • Dinner with the PRIMA Board bout 530  – if he’s available, then a reception for conference attendees at about 8pm.   “Dessert and drinks with John Lansing”
  • Need a n inspiration speaker for the business luncheon.  Rob Gordon and Dave Edwards mentioned. 

Readjust the schedule and put Lansing at 945 am Tuesday. Hjelm at 1230 on Monday 

Checking Schramm to see what the RCA Studio B tour possibilities are.  

Checking to see who might be coming from CPB.  They might go off the agenda. 

Myrna Johnson offers a sessions from her team about building a digital culture – 

Registrations are slim so far.  Once we announce Lansing it could go higher.

Parking is $28 per day for the hotel.  

Treasurers report by Regina Dean:  

Super-regional discussion tabled until March meeting. That conference is scheduled now for October in Denver.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm

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