April 6, 2010


PRIMA Board Conference Call
April 6, 2010 2:30 p.m. EDT

Members present: Al Bartholet, Cleve Callison, Tom Hunt, Christina Kuzmych, Jon Schwartz, Dan Skinner, Dorie Vallillo.

I. Mark Fuerst Internet Services Possibilities

Christina reviewed the conversation with the PRRO group about assessing what services Mark Fuerst and Public Media Metrics might provide. In that discussion the suggestion was made to broaden a call to include all the other organizations involved in internet services and more people such as Ellen Weiss and others we have not met with. Board discussion centered on first following through on obtaining the proposal for several services Mark would put together including Google Analytics for audience measurement, Word Press/WBUR website tools, user group monthly conference calls, etc. Christina agreed to contacting Mark and requesting that proposal.

II. Mike Riksen Conference Call with All Regionals

Tom reported on the conference call held by Mike Riksen with representatives of all the public radio regionals. The call centered on the FCC “Future of Media” proposals and consisted largely of a briefing on the outlines of the plans and their potential implications. Much of the impact is aimed at television. The issue of CPB reauthorization appears to have no traction according to Riksen and for now he believes is tabled.

III. PRIMA Membership List

Discussed the list and are following up on potential members and how we may solicit stations in our region not currently PRIMATES. A staff member of Christina’s station may be able to use the NPR member station web site to determine those stations that are in states bordering PRIMA and place a signal into PRIMA states. They are eligible for PRIMA full membership.

IV. Planning for the Fall Conference

Dan reported that the Westin Crown Center has rooms available for our dates (September 29 through October 1) in KC. Price is reasonable, $139 per night. Began discussion of content and followup on topics from the last conference. Suggestion made for inviting Meg Miller if we have an “Ask The Attorneys” session. Ron Schiller the new NPR VP for Development was also suggested for a session on progress in fundraising, including joint efforts.

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m. EDT
Submitted by Jon Schwartz, PRIMA Secretary

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