June 15, 2010


PRIMA Board Conference Call
June 15, 2010 2:30 p.m. EDT

Attending: Bill Wheelhouse, Christina Kuzmych, Cleve Callison, Dan Skinner, Dorie Vallillo, Tom Hunt, Jon Schwartz

1. Dorie reported that the IRS confirmed that the EIN number PRIMA listed on the IRS letter of determination, dating back some 30 years ago, no longer exists in the IRS system.  She has applied to have the number re-established and our tax status re-affirmed.

2. A Nominating Committee will be appointed by Christina and the board for the upcoming PRIMA Board elections. Tom volunteered, and Dan will chair the committee.

3. Discussion about the fall conference centered on the timing of adjacent NPR/Knight Foundation digital newsroom training. Should it precede or follow our conference? Who should consider attending the training? Christina will contact Joyce Mac and confirm the NPR/Knight Conference details as well as their target audience. Also: should a price break for the PRIMA conference be given to additional staff members to entice them to attend the PRIMA conference?

Meeting adjourned at 2 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jon Schwartz, PRIMA Secretary

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