January 24, 2018

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting
  January 24, 2018

Called to Order: 2:45 pm Eastern Time

Present: Regina Dean, Tim Eby, Neenah Ellis, Kristina Kuzmych, Nico Leone, Paul Maassen, Steve Schram, Dan Skinner

The Board Discussed Planning and Ideas for the Spring PRIMA Conference

Paul talked to Susan Hammer and Goli and WBEZ regarding hotel recommendations.  WBEZ has offered their meeting space.  Paul noted that there are no hotels within easy walking distance of WBEZ’s location on the Navy Pier.  The week of May 7 is busy in Chicago with many conventions/conferences.  Struggle to get a hotel at $200.

Tim suggests looking at the registration rates and if the hotel rates are high, PRIMA can offset station costs with a lower conference registration fee. Regina reported that we have the money in our treasury to offer a reduced registration fee if necessary.

For planning purposes Regina noted that our fly-in had 27 attendees.  44 people attended our last spring meeting in NOLA.

The board reached a preliminary plan May 9-11 including an opening reception at WBEZ on the evening of Wednesday, May 9th; full day of sessions on Thursday, May 10th, followed by attending the taping of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me in the evening; Morning sessions on Friday May 11th concluding at noon.Tickets to the Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me taping need to be secured six weeks in advance.

Western States Public Radio is holding their conference on May 7-8. This may impact availability of NPR staff to attend the PRIMA Conference. Dan will reach out to NPR for their feedback. If necessary PRIMA could move the dates of the conference to May 16-18. It was also noted that the PMDMC will be held in Chicago this year, but since it is in July it should not present a conflict with the PRIMA conference. We need to nail the dates of the PRIMA conference soon so that we can promote it to membership.

The board briefly discussed additional ideas for presenters at the PRIMA meeting. Dan will follow up on suggestions.

The board also briefly discussed the formation of a Nominating Committee in advance of the PRIMA conference per the organization’s bylaws. As PRIMA president, Dan will appoint a committee to develop a slate of candidates.

The meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm Eastern Time.

Submitted by board secretary Neenah Ellis


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