Winter 2005: San Antonio

Winter 2005 Conference
February 17, 2005
La Mansion del Rio, San Antonio
9:30 a.m.



PRIMA President Patty Wente called to order to order at approximately 9:30 a.m.

Prior to discussions, Scott Hanley presented a humorous H istory of Media 2014 flash video focusing on media’s future.


Patty called for discussions about the PRLF meeting resolution that was sent out to PRIMA members via e-mail. The Public Radio Leadership Forum steering committee has considered separating the PRLF from public radio’s annual Capitol Hill Day, and holding it in various parts of the country. At its monthly meeting, the PRIMA Board resolved that Capitol Hill Day be held in conjunction with the PRLF, and that these meetings should be scheduled in the Washington DC area.

Question: The 2005 Leadership Forum is already under way, but is Leadership Forum 2006 a sure thing? Answer: Contracts and agreements need to be signed soon, so quick decisions are necessary.

Several managers said that Capitol Hill Day meetings were not as productive as the ones they attend with their legislators in their home states. Most Hill Day visits are with congressional aides and their usefulness is limited. On the other hand, we should not forget that public television is lobbying in Washington every year. It’s not a good idea to let public television control the congressional scene.

Comment from Dana Rehm (NPR): Don’t discount the value of speaking with aides. They are often the ones who set the agenda. Dana stated that Mike Riksen (NPR) believes that it’s important for public radio to be visible. Keeping our Capitol Hill presence in conjunction with another topic like leadership is important.

A vote to approve the Resolution to keep PRLF in Washington and to couple it with Capitol Hill Day was made and approved. Tim Eby encouraged minor wordsmithing before it’s printed in final version. Patty will send out to members to review.


Agenda approved.


Minutes of meeting September 10, 2004 were handed out. (They were also distributed via e-mail 10/04 and were posted to the web site.) Minutes approved with one amendment: Since the distribution of the fall 2004 PRIMA minutes, the location for the spring 2005 PRIMA meeting should be changed from New Orleans to San Antonio.


PRIMA Treasurer Dorie Vallillo. Balance in checking account 9/30/04 : $16,329.27. Income $12,033.44. Expenses $12,061.77. Balance in checking account 2/11/05 : $16,300.94.

Vanguard Money Market Account balance 12/31/04 : $10,581.52.

Four members have not paid dues.

Question: Why do we need to hold that much money in the bank? Answer: PRIMA needs a reserve when planning conferences.

Treasurer’s report approved.


Scholarships: Stewart Vanderwilt reported. An amount of $20,000 is available through PRO Group for candidates to attend the Leadership Forum. Regionals and other groups contributed to this fund. It would be good if someone from PRIMA would serve on the steering committee. Guidelines are still being developed. This scholarship could motivate 20 or 30 people to attend.


Different levels could be offered to address different needs. For example, travel or registration costs could be offered to some candidates.

The program should have sustainability built in. For example, a commitment to support two years of PRLF attendance for a candidate could be made. This could motivate people to keep coming back to the conference.

Maybe the reason scholarship recipients don’t return is because they don’t always receive much mentoring.

The PRIMA scholarship was discussed. It was noted that scholarship recipients do not always continue to attend PRIMA conferences or participate in the regional. Bill McGinley noted that the scholarship program ought to be supporting truly engaging activity from those interested in PRIMA. It should not serve to support stations whose management uses the money to fund a free trip, and fails to participate in PRIMA at some level.

B. Nomination committee. Patty reported that the nomination committee, led by Craig Beeby, presented the slate for member voting at the fall meeting. In the interim, Patty appointed Cleve as VP, Christina Kuzmych as Secretary, and Jon Schwartz as Board Member No. 2.

C. U:SA report from Linda Carr. The Leadership Circle is being expanded. This includes presidents and chancellors of universities. The program has good potential, but there are some hitches. For example, Big Ten administrators don’t always want to serve in groups with smaller university counterparts. Richard Celeste, ex-governor of Ohio, will serve as leader of this circle. PRIMA members can nominate a president or chancellor, and Linda has the appropriate letters that can be sent out. This is more of an honorary membership; participants will not be expected to meet and receive assignments.

D. PRIMA By-laws. Patty reported that the PRIMA By-Laws are being looked over by Bruce Haines.


This fall will mark PRIMA’s 30 th anniversary. Patty asked for suggestions for the location. Several suggestions were offered, and it was also suggested that PRIMA explore the idea of combining this meeting with other regionals.


Beth Hassett reported on the MGI/PBS initiative. Some of the dual licensees are familiar with this program. In the area of major giving, radio is doing better than television. She is currently working with Wisconsin and Seattle.


Meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Christina Kuzmych, Secretary, Public Radio in Mid-America
February 17, 2005

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