December 20, 2017

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting
  December 20, 2017

Called to Order: 2:34 pm Eastern Time

Present: Regina Dean, Tim Eby, Neenah Ellis, Kristina Kuzmych, Nico Leone, Paul Maassen, Steve Schram, Dan Skinner

The Board Discussed Planning and Ideas for the Spring PRIMA Conference.

  • The member survey showed that Chicago emerged as top vote getter for spring conference.
  • WBEZ can work with us to host. A few years ago we had the conference at WBEZ. 
  • Possibility to see WWDTM.  Looking at the first two weeks in May
  • Reached out to a lot of people about participating.  Dan is contacting  potential speakers and will be able to do more once we have finalized a date.
  • Paul Maassen will manage the logistics, arranging for hotels, etc.   
    • McCormick Place Hyatt was suggested as an option
    • Paul will be in touch with Goli to see if attending WWDTM is an option.
  • Topics/Guests Under Consideration:  
    • Representation from NPR to discuss NPR related issues:   
      • Business Plan for NPR podcasts. How many does NPR plan to launch, what impact will it have on stations.
      • Continue to provide feedback to NPR regarding the compact.
      • What about inviting Development and Marketing SC+VPs?  People like that idea.
      • Suggestion made to invite Paul Haaga, Chairman of the Board
    • PRSS folks show and tell about the new interconnect equipment. Digital services.  
    • Smart speakers development as a platform.  (Jacobs media again?)  Update on digital. 

Other agenda items: 

  • Tim Eby noted that NPR’s  strategic plan has been approved that hasn’t been shared with stations.
  • Regina Dean says a good response for mid fiscal year dues. A huge deposit last week.  Will have a fuller report next meeting for fy 18 membership.
  • Steve Schramm reports that Jarl is eager to get back to work.

Meeting Adjorned at 3:05 pm.

Submitted by board secretary Neenah Ellis

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