January 18, 2022

January 18, 2022

NOTE: there was no December 2021 meeting.

Meeting convenes at 2:38 pm ET

In attendance: 
PAUL MAASSEN – present
NEENAH ELLIS – present (leaves meeting at 3pm)
REGINA DEAN –  present
NICO LEONE-  (NPR board member) present
DAN SKINNER   – present
STEVE SCHRAMM  – present
MYRNA JOHNSON –  (NPR board member) not present

Regina reports that Jarl Mohn has decided to join every public radio station in celebration of his 70th birthday.  Her station received a $1,000 check from the Mohn Family Foundation. (WYSO got a check today as well.)

President’s report

Superregional has been rescheduled for April 11-12 in Denver – same hotel. A PRRO meeting happens later today.  It looks like it’s gonna happen.  More info to come shortly from PRRO call later today.  DEI will be a central topic.  The agenda has been posted on their website. 

Steve Schramm reports that Steven Williams GM of WMUK at Western Michigan University has agreed to be nominated to fill the seat of Richard Myles.

Paul circulated a resume and info about Steven to all board members earlier today. 

Steve spoke in favor of the nomination.  Regina speaks in favor and says he has demonstrated.  Neenah speaks in support.  

Regina seconds the motion. 

All in favor, none opposed. 

We will present this to PRIMA membership at our annual meeting, which will happen in 30 days.  That will be approximately February 21 or 22nd.  Annual meeting to be held that day.  Approximately 4-5 pm.    

We could get another speaker.  Discussion about that…….

Treasurer’s report

Submitted by Neenah Ellis (nellis@wyso.org) board secretary at 3pm.  

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