November 1, 2011


Board Conference Call

November 1, 2011

1:34 ET


Present: Al Bartholet, Cleve Callison, Regina Dean, Tom Hunt, Christina Kuzmych, Paul
Maassen, Dan Skinner

1. Discussion about Cincinnati PRIMA Conference

• It was noted that we did not lose money on this conference
• Follow up on discussion regarding PRSS Manual Tuning Issue
• Board was pleased with the conference

II. Discussion of upcoming “Super Regional” Conference

• Board discussed value of both general and concurrent sessions
• Concern expressed about potential loss of small group discussion because
of larger group presentations

III. Jon Schwartz expressed his thanks to the board for recognizing him at the last PRIMA Conference.

IV. Discussion of Issues Regarding Representation

An adhoc PRIMA committee meeting to place via telephone to discuss issues
regarding public radio representation and congress. There are various views of
how this might best be handled. The committee will continue to work on a
document to be shared with the PRIMA board and are not yet prepared to
share this information with the public.

V. Discussion of News Ethics and Public Radio Employment Decisions

Adjourned at 1 :28 p.m. CT

Respectfully submitted by Al Bartholet, PRIMA Secretary

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