June 7, 2011


Board Conference Call

June 7, 2011

2:30 Eastern Time


Present: Dorothy Vallillo, Christina Kuzmych, Al Bartholet, Tom Hunt, Bill Wheelhouse, Paul Masssen,

Discussion of Fall PRIMA Conference Planning

Should start on Wednesday  October 5, ending Friday October 7 at 12 noon. Cincinnati Westin. Invitees :   President of NPR, Jon McTaggert CPB, APM, etc. Bill introduced a proposal for a session on a Management training session conducted by an associate from Thomas, Conley and Phelps. The session will focus on leadership effectiveness for change.  After Christina consults with Cleve, we likely will move forward offering the consultant. $500 and travel. PRIMA business meeting during lunch on Thursday? IOG station update will be pursued for the agenda

Next Board Conference Call

It will be at 1:30 Eastern Time and will include an update on the nominating committee from Dan Skinner

Respectfully submitted by Al Bartholet, PRIMA Secretary

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