March 21, 2018

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting
March 21, 2018

Called to Order: 2:36 pm Eastern Time

Present: Regina Dean, Tim Eby, Nico Leone, Paul Maassen, Dan Skinner

PRIMA Conference Planning

Dan Skinner provided an update on session planning, sharing the agenda as it stands. All of the session presenters have been confirmed, with the exception of NPR presenters.  Dan expects to discuss who will attend from NPR in a phone meeting with Gemma Hooley later this week.

Regina Dean provided an update on the number of registrations received this far. She advised that we continue to promote registration by March 29th in order to reserve tickets for Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Paul Maassen provided an update on hotel bookings. We are only about one third of the way toward our required room total. Dan will follow up with an email to all presenters reminding them to book their hotel rooms.

Board members discussed having a guest speaker during our annual business meeting. The board identified one person that Dan will contact to see if they are available.

Board members suggested that information be added on the PRIMA website about the Cubs baseball games that will take place during the conference as an added incentive for attending.

PRIMA Conference Scholarships

After reviewing applications, the board decided to award a full scholarship to Bill Clow, GM of WXPR, Rhinelander, WI and a partial scholarship to Stephen Williams, GM of WMUK, Kalamazoo, MI. Dan will notify the recipients

Nominating Committee

Dan, Tim, and Regina will serve on the committee. The bylaws require two more committee members be added to reach a total of five. Dan will reach out to the general membership to complete the committee and generate a slate of candidates for open positions.

The meeting adjourned at 3:11 pm Eastern Time.

Submitted by Dan Skinner, President, acting on behalf of Board Secretary Neenah Ellis

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