August 19, 2015

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
August 19, 2015

 Called to Order:  2:30 PM

Board Members Present:  Dan Skinner, Tim Eby, Karen Olstad, Mike Savage, Paul Maasson, Regina Dean, Christina Kuzmych

Guest: Greg Petrowich

  1. NPR Board Meeting & AReps Meeting – Dan
    1. Board members reported that only the PRIMA Board members who normally attend NPR Board meetings or have other business in DC at that time are planning to attend the NPR Annual AReps meeting on September 11th.
  2. CPB PTV Interconnect Funding – Tim
    1. It appears that the funding language allows CPB to use some of the general appropriation funding for the TV Interconnection system, this could result in a 10% cut to CSGs for both radio and television. Stations are concerned because it would set a precedent for future funding future interconnection systems including radio’s in a couple of years.
    2. Mike who sits on D/I committee reported that it isn’t a done deal, there is a lot of jockeying going on in DC, and that the D/I committee members are very interested because radio will be next. There is concern about the message it sends. He expects to receive an update from Mike Riksen at next D/I meeting.
  3. PRIMA Member Survey Results – Dan
    1. Around 20 responses
    2. Re: PRIMA Annual Meeting –split evenly between AReps Meeting & Super Regional
    3. Re: Format for PRIMA Spring meeting: Preference for doing it same as last year.
    4. We will have business meeting at next super regional and discuss possible changes to business meeting timing then.
    5. One of the changes under consideration is to change the time period of the board members’ terms to begin shortly after the spring meeting which would allow for the election to take place at that meeting. This might require a modification of the By-Laws and extension of some existing members’ terms.
  4. PRRO Meeting – Dan
    1. Working on speakers for the Super Regional. The line-up should be announced in next week or so.
    2. Mike reported that he and John Hess are working on a session about challenges facing small stations including solutions to share.
  5. NPR Board Update  – Greg & Mike
    1. Greg reported on concept of changing the composition of the board to increase the size of the board and the way directors are nominated.
    2. It isn’t clear at this time whether it will be one proposal to do both or two separate proposals to vote on.
    3. Members of the governance committee are contacting AReps to discuss.
    4. PRIMA members are encouraged to contact an NPR board member with their questions or concerns.
  6. PRIMA Membership Conference Call with Mayor & Hooley July 23rd – Dan
    1. Small group of approximately 18 members
    2. Discussed NPR fees
    3. Looking for people for a future member call.

Adjourned at 3:20 PM.

Next meeting September 16 at 2:30 PM EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Olstad

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