November 13, 2017

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting
  November 13, 2017


Called to Order: 2:36 pm Eastern Time

Present: Regina Dean, Christina Kuzmych, Nico Leone, Steve Schram, Dan Skinner

Member Survey Results: PRIMA Spring Conference Location

Dan Skinner reported that 36 PRIMA members responded to a survey regarding the location of the 2018 Spring PRIMA Conference. Chicago emerged as the preferred location with Kansas City and New Orleans tied as the second choice.

Planning for 2018 Spring Conference

The board discussed potential content for the next conference. Part of the conference will offer updates on topics covered in previous meetings such as the NPR/Station Compact, Satellite Service, NPR Digital Services, etc. Other suggested topics include more information on smart speakers; NextRadio; ATSC 3.0; and hearing from the leaders of CPB, PRPD and Greater Public.  The board suggested exploring the weeks of May 10 and May 17 as potential dates for the spring conference.

Communication to NPR Over Recent Events

The board asked Nico Leone and Dan Skinner to communicate several messages with the NPR Board when they are in Washington this week to attend the NPR Board Meeting. Nico begins his tenure on the board with this meeting, and Dan is representing PRIMA. The board asked them to communicate to NPR that PRIMA is concerned about staff morale at NPR after the departure of News Director Mike Oreskes after allegations of sexual harassment. PRIMA wishes to express confidence in the staff as they move forward; confidence in Loren Mayor as the acting head of NPR; and to encourage NPR to serve as an example for all organizations in operating with transparency and in how they handle this situation now and proactively in the future.

The meeting adjourned at 3:12 pm

Respectfully submitted by

Dan Skinner, President, acting as Secretary

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