January 20, 2021

PRIMA Board Meeting

January 20, 2021  

Meeting convened at 1:40 ET.

Last meeting was December 17, 2020.  There was no November meeting.

Paul Maassen, president
Steve Schramm, vice president – present
Richard Myles – present
Neenah Ellis, secretary – present
Dan Skinner – presentRegina Dean, treasurer – present 
Myrna Johnson – NOT PRESENT- notified
Nico Leone – NOT PRESENT – notified

Last month’s topics of discussion:

  • PRRO Super Regional update
  • Discussion of NPR board makeup

Topic: Paul talked to LaFontaine Oliver – about the NPR board composition. (See December disussion)

 Paul said PRIMA wanted to encourage to make are there was representation from small stations in future plans.  He was receptive and understanding and appreciative.  Will pass our concerns along.   

Topic: PRRO Super Regional Conference:

The conference is still scheduled for November in Denver.  Paul conveyed to the group that we are interested in creating a more interactive dynamic with facilitators in small sessions to get away from same old style.  Everyone agreed that this is a good chance to do that and that the conference can be more dynamic, interesting and relevant. 

Because of the timing, it might be among the first conferences people can go to (because of Covid) This creates an opportunity and a responsibility to make sure the conference is worthy of that stature.  General agreement to revamp and realign the conference. 

The dates are November 15-17, 2021 at the Grand Hyatt in Denver.

Nothing has been decided as to sessions or content.  A logistics person will be hired to take care of nuts and bolts.  Not sure if someone will be hired to manage the content, the former role of Georgette Bronfman. The content piece will be decided upon shortly. 

Schramm:  Once the conference format is decided upon and the content is decided upon, then we’ll have a sense of who’s gonna show.

Maassen:  August is the deadline for go/no-go.  And a decision could be made to go virtual. 

We have another PRRO leadship call next week. 

Regina:  It had gotten expensive. Let’s make sure we can keep it affordable.  Keep an eye on value.

Maassen:  A virtual conference is a viable option.

Because there were many conferences slated in near months-by other orgs-should we partner/cohabitate with another organization.  The conferences would be back to back.

Schramm:  Greater Public board was having similar conversations about co-conference – and they might we receptive to a proposal.  Anywhere from 850 – 1200 people go to PMDMC. 

We talked about various ways to have 2 conferences. Some overlap and some distinct separation. 

Regina:  Budgets will be very tight this year, and we’re a long way off from knowing what the rest of the year looks like.  Be open to discussions with other orgs. 

PM says it’s been done before and worked well. 

Schramm: asks who is in charge of leading the discussion among the PRRO stations- in order to get the discussion started with other org.   For example, who can talk to Greater Public and see if they are interested in co-conferencing.  They are already working on hotels etc.  They have a relationship with an event-planning company. 

PM:  will suggest we move forward to get the discussions going.

Topic: Change of NPR by-laws.

A memo came out from Michelle Shanahan with a resolution.  

Schramm: There are many different kinds of contractual relationships with NPR.  They are trying to get their memberships rules in line with the many different kinds of relationships that they have. 

PM:  Let’s find out what’s behind the by-laws change.  We can ask for clarification.  I will pass that along to Gemma Hooley. 

Schramm:  They asking for a vote on February 18.  Not clear what they are trying to accomplish.  

Regina:  Bad timing.

SS:  It won’t be possible to get a quorum of the membership. 

Topic:  Controversy surrounding The Daily from the NYT.

PM carries it. No one else. 

APM will hold a call to discuss with stations. 

PM notes that the stations have power as a unit to influence these kinds of issues.  

SS:  They made conscious decisions, it wasn’t just an every day journalism mistake.

SS:  The station voice will only be vital when they show up and there is a quorum for the board meetings.  

RD: Agrees.

DS:  Agrees.

NE:  Agrees.

New Business:

RD:  We decided we weren’t going to charge our members this year. I have received two checks.  We need to let the membership know.  Our fiscsl year starts September 1.  

PM  will notify stations. 

Submitted by Neenah Ellis, PRIMA Secretary

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