APRIL 18, 2018

Public Radio in Mid America
Board of Directors Meeting
April 18, 2018

Called to Order: 2:38 pm Eastern Time

Present: Neenah Ellis, Nico Leone, Paul Maassen, Steve Schramm, Dan Skinner

PRIMA Conference Planning

  • Dan is scheduling board members to introduce/moderate sessions at the PRIMA conference in Chicago May 9-11, 2018.  He is asking the moderators to reach out to the presenters and see what they need.
  • AV is all set at the hotel.  You can use your computer or use theirs. Meeting room and meals all arranged.  Hotel and meals:  breakfast and lunch Thursday and Friday at the hotel.  Friday is the box lunch.
  • 36 hotel rooms have been booked.  Minimum is 38.  Still waiting for NPR to make reservations. Paul thinks we are likely to make the minimum.   No other issues to report from Paul regarding the hotel. There is on-site parking at approx. $20/day.
  • Working now on the reception.    6-8:30  There will be some food, buffet, not a big dinner.
  • Transportation to WWDTM.  A bus can go over. Meet in the lobby. Round-trip bus will be available. Bus departure time to come.  The show runs from roughly 8-10pm. Bus is likely to leave around 6:30 pm, last session on Thursday to end around 4:15.
  • Unlikely to be a traditional PRIMA Suite due to the small size of the hotel suites, so the plan for both nights will be to  gather at the bar and put drinks on the  PRIMA tab.
  • Annual business meeting,  Dan will take notes in Neenah’s place, since she is unlikely to be able to attend.

Nominating Committee Work

The Committee put together a slate of officers and distributed it to the membership per the bylaws. The officers slate is:

  • Paul Maassen – President
  • Steve Schramm – Vice President
  • Myrna Johnson – Board Member #1
  • Nico Leone – Board Member #2

As of this date, no alternate candidates have been proposed by membership, but they have until 2 weeks before the meeting to do so.

Note for Future Planning

Dan has been the PRIMA webmaster since 2004 and will continue to oversee the website for now, but we need to turn it over to someone else in the next few years. Dan will continue to serve as webmaster through his term of Immediate Past President, unless a replacement is found before then.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm ET

Submitted by Board Secretary Neenah Ellis

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