October 19, 2021

October 19,2021

Meeting convenes at 2:30 pm ET

In attendance: 
STEVE SCHRAMM  – notified 
MYRNA JOHNSON – notified that she can’t attend
RICHARD MILES – withdrawing from the board (board position two)

BOARD ELECTIONS – We have an unfilled board position.  Steve Schramm is chairing a committee to find someone. An emphasis on a diversity candidate, if possible. Fifteen-day period for nominations and 15 days later we vote at it.  

Send out the notice and then have a meeting 30 days later. 

 We’re looking for candidates.

Paul has a list of when all the current terms end.  He will circulate it. 

A potential list of candidates for the open board position was discussed.

SUPER REGIONAL – rescheduled April 11-12,  2022 in Denver at the same hotel. The deal has been renegotiated. Planning is underway. 

  There is talk of some kind of a free, virtual meeting at the end of November.  Paul will be in a meeting today to discuss. There is some feeling that it’s coming a little late and will be hard for people to schedule at this late date.

Info about Carlos Watson resigning from NPR board.   Elected in 2016.  He was elected to a new term this year.  Nico says there was 2 years between the time he was on the air regularly and his appointment to the board.  The removal was expedient and well handled, says Paul.

Neenah asks how we feel DEI efforts are going in public radio. Nico says every org he is involved with is having this discussion, esp public radio stations, which have newsrooms. It’s top of mind. 

Next steps:

Looking for a new board member and scheduling the annual meeting.

Regina Dean reminds us to pay our dues. 

Meeting adjourns at 3:18pm ET

Submitted by Neenah Ellis (nellis@wyso.org) board secretary.

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